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Tax Minimization 

Wealth Maximization

New Information for Your Decisions

Based on three decades of research and consulting, there is now a new book, new software, and lectures to help your tax planning. 

This insider information can substantially reduce your income tax. 


My new software, is designed to allow you to achieve tax minimization and wealth maximization.


Listen to 12.4 hours of my speeches to large audiences which explains important principles, strategy, and tactics for tax minimization.


My new book, now eighth edition, provides the essential details regarding tax statutes, important court decisions, and effective investment strategy.



Is it feasible for a prudent investor to reduce federal income tax and even pay zero tax? The primary approach is to plan ahead, and to structure your affairs so that your depreciation and tax credits result in minimum tax.

My software quickly calculates the tax due for each alternative that you provide. Then, through iteration, you can quickly determine which investments will provide the lowest tax and the highest cash return. This software provides the format for data entry from your bank and credit card statements. Then, the software calculates the working papers and the resulting lineitem data for your tax return.

My digital audio clearly explains the approach and the background, so you can understand the relevant tax law. My book provides critical details, important statutes, and dominant court decisions, including examples of tax returns with zero income tax based on prudent investments.


To prevail in court or negotiation, retain the best expert.

Richard R. Sylvester, J.D., Ph.D. has been selected by leading trial attorneys and the boards of directors of major corporations. Retained by the IRS as an expert witness for major tax cases. 

Tax Planning

Minimum income tax requires structuring of investments to allow high deductions combined with nonrecognition of   economic income. For example, the amortization of intangible values can be a substantial deduction, as authorized by 26 USC §197.

Business Value

The accurate evaluation of corporate stock essential for employee stock option plans, solvency opinions, fairness opinions, and tax returns. An independent valuation expert is required, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Sec. 201, 206; 15 USC §8j-1(g)(3).

Partial Interest Value

The value of a partial interest is
substantially less than the undivided whole ownership. The
reduction in estate and gift tax based on the discount for
partial interests
is important for large estates.

Value of Intangible Assets

The accurate evaluation of
 assets is essential for:
Private placements
Initial public offerings
Acquisitions and leveraged buy-outs
Solvency opinions to protect positions of lenders.

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